Yellowbelly Photography is led by Sarah Washbourn who lives in Lincoln. Following in the footsteps of her father, Peter Washbourn, her career started in photojournalism, taking images of people from all walks of life, including our monarch HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Sarah has worked for many newspapers all over the country during the past 17 years. She has picked up numerous awards and been shortlisted for many more.


A composite photograph of Sarah and her Father both sat pitchside while covering football matches for newspapers. Peter didn't know this photo was being taken at the time. It was his last match at Sincil Bank before retiring

When Sarah is approached to take photographs for other businesses, she offers something more than the standard profile / team / product images. As you will see from the images below, she likes to incorporate your product into the shot wherever possible. Sarah is very approachable and will make your photographs either as formal or relaxed as you want them to be.



Recently Sarah's Photo Restoration service has become very popular. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and lockdown many people were looking through old photographs. Some of these were damaged. So whether they are faded, torn, discoloured or you want a black and white photo converting into colour this something Sarah can help with. She can also convert old photographs / albums into digital format and then provide photobooks, folio boxes or prints from these using her professional scanner which can pick up detail that the human eye cannot see. This is a skill she has had for many years and some examples of her work can be found in her portfolio here

Photo Restoration by the Lincolnshire Echo

Date Restored : June / July 2003

Restorer : Sarah Washbourn

Contact : Mrs Edwards / 695289


Sarah is also available for Wedding Photography. Using her photojournalism skills she will document your special day as it unfolds, taking a more candid approach but also incorporating any desired set-up shots you may require. For most of the day you won't even know Sarah is present. More information can be found by visiting


The wedding of Becky and Ewan at Kelham Hall

Picture: Sarah Washbourn


When Sarah isn't working  she likes to walk her Dog, Domino, watch films and keep fit. She enjoys running, cycling and swimming, having taken part in many races including triathlons and a marathon. When she first set up her freelance business she used the tagline #ishootrun and competed in the Lincoln 10k with a full sized digital camera in hand! She took pictures during her run trying to capture the elements of the race that other photographers wouldn't get. These were available to buy after the event and all proceeds went to charity.


Myself receiving Press Gazette Student Photographer of the Year Award from Piers Morgan and a lovely lady from sponsors Camelot